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Approve or Deny a Student's Application for a Minor

Minor Directors can approve or deny a minor after a student has applied for graduation for the minor within KSIS.

The steps below are for processing minors in KSIS for all students who have applied for a given minor.

How to Process a Minor using Work Graduation App(Minor)

  1. Log into KSIS with your eID and password.
  2. Navigate to Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Graduation > College Process & Rpts > Work Graduation App(Minor).
  3. Enter the search criteria for the desired minor. This may include Academic Career, Academic Program, Academic Plan and Term. Then click Search.

    Enter Criteria

  4. In the Graduation Apps area, all students who have applied for the minor are shown.

    Students Applied

  5. Change the New ChkoutStat value to Mnr Apprvd or Denied for each student

    Approve or Deny
  6. Click Save

    Click Save

  7. If an incorrect option is selected and saved, this error will appear:

    Incorrect option error

    To fix this, change the New ChkoutStat to an acceptable value and click Save.
  8. Repeat steps 1-6 for each Minor.