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Understanding Class Associations

Class Scenario:

Course has 4 components:  Lecture, Recitation, Lab, Quiz

The Lecture is the primary component.

There are 3 lecture sections labeled as Sections A, B, and C.

There are 3 recitation sections, labeled as Sections 01R, 02R, and 03R.  Recitations are tied 1-to-1 with the Lecture components (if I sign up for Lecture A, I must sign up for the first recitation).

There are 9 Lab sections, labeled as Sections 01B, 02B, …, 09B.  Lab sessions are tied to a specific lecture section.  For example, if a student enrolls in the first lecture, they must choose from one of the first three lab sections.

There are 9 quiz sections, labeled as 01Q, 02Q, …, 09Q.  All quiz sections are completely independent of the other components, for enrollment purposes.


Each primary component (in this case, the lecture) section must have a unique Associated Class value.

For the enrollment engine to force specific selections of secondary components (i.e., Recitation and Lab sections), they must have the same Associated Class value as the corresponding primary component.

When a student enrolls for a class, they will be required to enroll in all components before they can submit their enrollment cart.

The table below represents how the above scenario would be setup using Class Associations in KSIS. 

Associated Class and Section Setup Values

Associated Class and Section Setup Values