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Advisee Screen Common Area

The Common area is a section at the top of each advisee screen that provides a snapshot of advisee data and features used most often by advisors.  The Common area is included on each of the advisee information tabs: 

Student Common Information area

The top bar identifies the advisee name and email address.  It also provides access to key features:

The *Go to menu includes:

  • Create Note - allows advisors to create an advising note for an advisee.
  • DARS - allows advisors to run a DARS report for the advisee.
  • Student Lookup - allows advisors to look up another student at any time.
  • Student Services Center (Student) - allows advisors to go to the advisee's Student Center for additional information.
  • Student Success Collaborative - allows advisors to access to EAB's Student Success Collaborative system for predictive analytics and other features.

The Change Advisee drop-down allows advisors to go to any advisee in their advisee list.

Below the top bar is a snapshot of commonly used advisee data:

Student Common Information area

Common area field definitions: (click to expand)

IDStudent's emplID in KSIS.
WIDStudent's Wildcat ID.
Student Photo  Student's ID photo.
Undergraduate       'Yes' if the student is in an undergraduate career, otherwise 'No'.
Graduate'Yes' if the student is in a graduate career, otherwise 'No'.
LevelStudent's academic level, e.g., Freshman, Sophomore, etc.
Primary ProgramStudent's primary program.
Primary PlanStudent's primary plan.
Primary SubplanStudent's primary subplan.
Multiple Plans'Yes' if student has multiple plans, otherwise 'No'.  Click 'Yes' to view all plans.
KSU GPAStudent's GPA based on career shown.
KSU HoursNumber of hours student has completed at K-State.
Transfer HoursNumber of hours transferred to K-State.
First SemesterFirst semester enrolled at K-State.
Last EnrolledLast semester enrolled at K-State.
Future EnrolledDisplays the next future semester in which student has enrolled.  
If student is enrolled in both a summer and fall semester in the future, the fall semester is displayed. 
If student is only enrolled in a summer semester in the future, the summer semester is displayed.
Acad. Standing  Student's academic standing for career shown.
Holds'Yes' if the student has one or more holds, or 'No' if the student does not have a hold.
Athlete'Yes' if a student athlete, otherwise 'No'.
First Gen'Yes' if the student is classified as a first generation student, otherwise 'No'.
Transfer Student  'Yes' if a student takes transfer hours after their high school graduation date and before they come to K-State, except for the hours in the summer between high school graduation and the first fall semester after high school graduation.  Otherwise 'No.'
Reverse TransferIndicates student's Reverse Transfer program eligibility and status:
'Eligible' - Student is eligible to participate in Reverse Transfer, but has not opted-in (initial term at K-State is Fall 2014 or later and has earned at least 45 transfer credit hours with at least 15 from a single 2-year public Kansas college).
'Opted-in' - Student is eligible and elected to opt-in to Reverse Transfer.
'NA' - Student does not meet eligibility criteria listed above.
ACT/SAT ScoresThe ACT scores represents the student's highest aggregate ACT score. 
If no ACT scores and the student has SAT scores, the student's SAT scores are displayed.
If no SAT scores exist, a message indicates the student has no scores.
Math Placement ScoresThe student's Algebra and Calculus scores are displayed if the student has taken math placement tests.
If no math placement scores exist a message indicates no scores exist.