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Email Students from Class Roster

  1. From the KSIS Home Page, to the right, in the KSIS Links box, click Faculty Center.

    In KSIS Links, click the Faculty Center link

  2. Click the Class Roster icon Class Roster icon to the left of the class you want to view.

    NOTE: This symbol displays only after students have enrolled in the section.

    Picture of the Faculty Center with a Class Roster icon marked.

  3. Check the box(es) in the Notify column to the left of each student you want to contact.
  4. Click Notify Selected Students, or click the Notify All Students button to send a message to the entire class. 

    Picture of the Class Roster with students checked for notification and the two notify buttons highlighted.

  5. Alter the Subject, enter any Message Text, and click the Send Notification button.

    NOTE: This process will send a message to you, as the instructor with a Blind Carbon Copy to each selected student so that students will not be able to see who else has received the message.
  6. Click the Return to Class Roster link on the confirmation page.
    Picture of the Send Notification confirmation message with the Return to Class Roster link highlighted.