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View a System Run Advisee DARS audit

Before running a DARS audit, disable all pop up blockers.  For more information on how to disable pop up blockers, click HERE.
  1. From the KSIS Home Page, in KSIS Links box, click Advisor Center.

    Click the Advisor Center link from the KSIS Links area

  2. In the Advisor Center, on the right, click degree audit (dars).

    A picture of the Advisor Center with Dars Audit button highlighted

  3. Select the desired advisee from the Change Advisee dropdown.

  4. Click Change

    Change Advisee dropdown with Change button highlighted

  5. Once the desired advisee is selected, click The View Results button to see system run or previously run DARS audits.

  6. To view a system run audit, find the audit with the Run By as System and click View Audit

    The DARS Audit page with a System Run audit

  7. The audit should appear in a frame in the center of the page.  If the audit is not displayed in the frame, click Download PDF Audit.

    Click the Download PDF Audit button

  8. If you click Download PDF Audit, you will be asked to Open, Save or Cancel.  Click Open.

    Note:  Not all browsers use the same terminology.  Select the option to Open the audit if possible.  If not, select the option that allows you to keep a copy of the audit on your computer.

  9. Maximize the window to view the audit in a full screen.