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View and Print Advisees

Follow the instructions below to view and print your list of advisees with or without student photos.

List of Advisees without Photos

  1. On the right of the KSIS Home page, under the KSIS Links box, click Advisor Center.  

    Picture of the KSIS Links box, the Advising Center link highlighted. 

  2. Your list of advisees is displayed as shown in the grid below. 


  3. Use your web browser's print functionality to print your list of advisees. 

List of Advisees with Photos

  1. Follow steps 1-2 above.

  2. There are several options to view advisee photos.  In Select display option, select either Link to Photos or Include photos in list.

    Select Display Option
    • Link to Photos provides a link to the roster with student photos.  To view a student photo, click the photo icon Click Photo Icon.

    • Include photos in list displays the student list with the photo on the left.  By default, only one student is displayed so the page will load quickly and be less cluttered.  Click the right arrow to advance one student at a time.


      To view all student photos on the same page, click the View All option.

      Click View All


  3. Click Click Photo Rosterto generate a photo roster with 20 student photos, names, and WIDs per page in PDF format.

    You may need to enable pop-ups on your browser before the page will display.  See Disabling Web Browser Pop-up Blockers for details.


  4. Once the Photo Roster is displayed, use your web browser's functionality to print or save the photo roster.  

    Note: The Advisee Photo Roster is considered part of the student's educational records.  If saved or printed, the Advisee Photo Roster must be stored in a secure location.  An asterisk (*) next to the student's name indicates they have a FERPA hold and additional restrictions apply.  Destroy or shred copies when no longer needed.