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Remove the UGE Flag

  1. From the KSIS Home Page, to the right, in the KSIS Links box, click Advisor Center.

    Picture of the KSIS Links box, the Faculty Center link is highlighted.

  2. Select the appropriate student and, to the right of their name, click Student Details.

    Advisee list, with the View Student Details link highlighted

  3. Click the General Info tab.

    Advisor Center tabs with the General Info tab highlighted

  4. Click the Edit Service Indicators button.

    The Edit Service Indicators button

  5. Click the UGE link.

    Manage Service Indicators with the UGE link highlighted

  6. Click the Release button.
  7. Click the OK button to confirm the deletion.
  8. From the list of Service Indicators, click the Cancel button to return to the Student Center tab.
  • Updated: 5/29/18