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Add the Advisor Flag to an Advisee

  1. From the KSIS Home Page, to the right, in the KSIS Links box, click Advisor Center.

    Click the Advisor Center link from the KSIS Links area

  2. In the My Advisees area, click the View Student Details link for the desired advisee.

    Select Advisees to Add Flag

  3. In the Advisor Center, click the general info tab for the advisee.

    Click General Info

  4. In the Service Indicators area, all existing service indicators are listed.  Click edit service indicators to add a new indicator. 

    Click edit service indicators

  5. In the edit service indicators area, click the Add Service Indicator link.

    Return to Advisees

  6. To add the Advisor Flag, enter the Service Indicator Code of ADV.  Enter the Start Term as the beginning of the semester (Ex: Fall 2012 would be 2125) and the Start Date (a Fall term would start August 1st of that year).

    Enter Term and Start Date

  7. Once the Service Indicator Code, Start Term and Start Date have been entered, click the Apply button to add the Advisor flag to the advisee.  Then click OK to return to the Service Indicator area.

    Click Apply then OK

  8. The new Advisor Flag should now appear in the Service Indicator Summary.

    New Flag Appears

  9. Click Cancel to return to the General Info area for the advisee.

    Click Cancel

  10. Return to the My Advisees area and the Advisor flag(A) should now be displayed for the advisee.

    Advisor Flag Appears