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Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services is here to assist you with your agricultural questions. We have been providing Kansas producers with legal, financial and mediation services for over 25 years.

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Check out KAMS' 2015 Annual Newsletter. Learn more about ag financial and legal issues in addition to services and resources available through KAMS.






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soilThe International Year of Soils: Soils Support Agriculture
MANHATTAN, Kansas, Mar. 23, 2015 – From field crops to garden vegetables, various types of foods rely on soil for growth. The world population continues to grow, and one of the main challenges those involved in agriculture face is increasing the overall productivity of soils to meet elevated food demands. Read more...

Family Farms are the Focus of New Agriculture Census Data
WASHINGTON, March 17, 2015 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reports that family-owned farms remain the backbone of the agriculture industry. The latest data come from the Census of Agriculture farm typology report and help shine light on the question, "What is a family farm?" Read more...

USDA Announces $97 Million Available to Expand Access to Healthy Food, Support Rural Economies
WICHITA, Kansas, Mar. 16, 2015 - In a speech at the National Farmers Union Convention today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the availability of $96.8 million in grants to fund innovative projects designed to support specialty crop producers, local food entrepreneurs, and farm to school efforts, which in turn will increase access to healthy, nutritious food for American families and children. The announcement is part of USDA efforts during National Nutrition Month to focus on improving access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious products for millions of Americans. Read more...

Poultry Owners Should be Vigilant in Watching for Signs of Avian Influenza
MANHATTAN, Kansas, Mar. 13, 2015 - Poultry owners should be aware that there is currently an outbreak of the H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) associated with the migratory bird flyways in the United States, said Kansas State University animal scientist Scott Beyer. Read more...

We can help!
Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services provides agriculturists the resources they need to solve legal and financial issues. If you have any questions about how we can provide assistance, please give us a call. Calls are free and confidential.

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Char Henton, Mediation Coordinator

Forrest Buhler, Staff Attorney

Janel Koons, Extension Assistant

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