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Spring Cleaning: 2009 IT security training event

This spring K-State's Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) hosted the IT security training event for the K-State campus. General sessions and breakout sessions were presented on a variety of non-technical and technical topics to teach attendees more about how keep their computers clean.

Program schedule

Printable Schedule

Time Sessions
8:00-8:30am Registration & Refreshments -- Donut shaped flowers, Coffee flavored nectar of life, and Smiles are all provided free of charge
Outside Room 212, K-State Student Union
8:30-9:20am First Keynote -- Spring has sprung for K-State’s IT – what’s blooming on the horizon?
Presenter: Harvard Townsend, CISO Kansas State University
Location: Room 212, K-State Student Union
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Abstract: In 2008, K-State averaged about two security incidents per day and 2009 is shaping up to be more of the same. The threat to K-State's information and technology resources is real and growing so we cannot let down our guard. In fact, the nature and frequency of the threats warrant increased diligence and investment to combat the growing risk. In this session, security incident statistics from the past year will be explained along with analyses of some incidents that illustrate the increasing sophistication of the attacks and the challenge we face in building our defenses. Strategies for improving K-State's security posture over the next year will be described so you can know what's coming and understand the role you play in the battle.
9:20-9:40amBreak -- More sweet Nectar of Life
(select one of these concurrent sessions)
Spring Chicken (less technical) Sly Fox (more technical)

Best Practices at Home on a Budget: Tools for safer home computing
Presenter: Neil Sindicich
Location: Union Cottonwood Room
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In this session we will talk about some of the most important things you can do to keep your home computer infection free. In addition you will see that it can be done for next to nothing, and often times, completely free.

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
Presenter: Harvard Townsend
Location: Union Room 212
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Life on the Internet sometimes feels like we're Ali Baba hiding in a tree while 40 thieves mill around below us collecting more and more stolen bounty. Threats seem to come from all directions these days - email scams, stolen eID passwords, malicious hijacked links on a popular web site, vulnerable applications, hackers scanning the network looking for vulnerable systems. This session will offer tips on how general users can protect themselves in an increasingly hostile online world. We will define some common security terms, learn how to identify scams and malicious web links, offer tips on protecting your eID password and your personal identity information, and explain what you should do if you think your computer is compromised.

Computer Contraceptives
Presenter: John Godfrey
Location: Union Room 206
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Additional handouts:
Default User, Example IPTables Firewall Script, Local Machine, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Tutorial, Process Explorer Tutorial, Process Monitor Tutorial, Windows XP Service Guide.
Knowing the correct steps to configure enterprise software can mean the difference between having a good day and spending your day recovering from an incident. This presentation will discuss key things you should check on your computer to ensure industry security compliance as well as a wide range of settings to check, items to think about, and real and actionable steps you can take to improve your current security posture.

Combing the Desert
Presenter: Josh McCune
Location: Union Room 213
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Malware is becoming increasingly insidious today and being able to recognize the signs of an infection and contain it can help you keep from infecting others and potentially leaking sensitive data. This session will cover methods of recognizing malware that your antivirus software might not. We will also discuss what constitutes a security "incident" and when you need to contact the Office of Information Security and Compliance.

10:30-10:40amBreak -- buzz over to the next session
(select one of these concurrent sessions)
Spring Chicken (less technical) Sly Fox (more technical)

Dirty Jobs: Taking out the recycle bin
Presenter: Anthony Phillips
Location: Union Room 212
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Unintended disclosure, identity theft, or evoking bad press for yourself or K-State are all reasons why you should be wary about the importance of securely disposing of your data. After a brief discussion of the best ways to eliminate sensitive information that may be on your computer, you will see demos of how easy it is to recover a deleted file, and even a completely reformatted hard drive.

The SSNs of our Fathers
Presenter: Neil Sindicich
Location: Union Cottonwood Room
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Identity theft is rampant around the country. With information of all sorts being sold at a premium, it's imperative that we protect not only our own Social Security numbers, but those of all K-Staters. We'll discuss some of the implications of SSNs getting out of the University and you’ll get a demonstration of Spider2008, a fairly easy to use, free tool for finding and removing SSNs from your computer.

The Truth is Out There (no, seriously)
Presenter: Shea McGrew
Location:Union Room 206
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It has been three years since the implementation of Trend Micro on campus. Within that time the OfficeScan and the Control Manager programs have gone through various upgrades which have provided our campus with new weapons in the fight against malware. In this presentation you will get more information on current best practices, implementation of Web Reputation policies, general program discussion and license renewal.

Saving Charlotte’s Web
Presenter: Phil Sears
Location: Union Room 213
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This session provides an overview of 6 important topics of web application security from an application developer perspective. For each topic I will discuss some threats and preventative measures combined with real world examples and solutions.

11:30-11:40am Break -- Don't take too long to smell the roses.

General Session 2 -- Title coming soon
Presenter: Larry Kettlewell, CITSO for the State of Kansas
Location: Room 212, K-State Student Union
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The State’s Highest Ranking Information Security Officer will discuss changes in the IT sector and what to look for in coming months around the state. He will also discuss how policies are developed at the state level and how these policies affect you.

12:30-12:45pmBreak -- Grab your grub and come back up
Main Ballroom--K-State Student Union
Grab your lunch at the K-State Student Union food court, subway, or salsaritas and bring it back up stairs.
You can use this chance to ask the presenters from this morning any questions you may have.