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Kansas State University

Departmental Contacts for Symantec Drive Encryption Installation

In order to determine if you will be receiving the Symantec Drive Encryption software on your computer, contact the departmental contact listed below. They will have a full list of people who should be receiving the software within your department.

Arts & Sciences • Agriculture, KSR&E • Business • Education • Engineering • Housing & Dining Services • Human Ecology • K-State Libraries • Office of the President • Office of the Provost • Salina • Student Life • Vice President of Administration and Finance • Vice President for Research

Arts & Sciences

Robert Sumners 532-6461

Dave Manning 532-0657

Eric Maatta 532-6665

Division of Biology
Bob LeHew 532-6646

Richard Marston 532-5989

Sue Zschoche 532-6730

David Dzewaltowski

Don Eisele 532-0561

Modern Languages
Brad Shaw 532-1988

Joe Prockish 532-1646

Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
Robert Sumners 532-6461

Terry Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research
Jan Galitzer 532-6705

Women's Studies
Robert Sumners 532-6461


College of Architecture, Planning and Design Dean's Office
Don Crawford 532-1091

Agriculture, KSR&E

College of Agriculture and K-State Research & Extension
Larry Havenstein 532-6270


College of Business
Jay Holt 532-4355


College of Education
Dennis Devenney 532-5926

Office of Educational Innovation & Evaluation (OEIE)
Aaron Schroeder 532-5122

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)
Gary Cunningham 532-0658


Advanced Manufacturing Institute
Steve Coulson 532-6392

Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Steve Coulson 532-6392

Center for Hazardous Substance Research
Brandon Utech 532-7495

Civil Engineering
Steve Coulson 532-6392

Computing and Information Sciences
Seth Galitzer 532-6350

Office of the Dean of Engineering
Steve Coulson 532-6392

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
John Wu 532-3734

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
Eric Patterson 532-6272

Housing & Dining Services

Housing and Dining Services
Rob Satterlee 532-6972

Human Ecology

College of Human Ecology
Marin Dowlin 532-1558

K-State Libraries

K-State Libraries
Renee Gates 532-7862

Office of the President

Affirmative Action
Clyde Howard 532-6220

President's Office
Bryan Boutz 532-2048

University Attorney
Bryan Boutz 532-2048

Office of the Provost

Computing and Telecommunications Services
James Lyall 532-7404

Honor and Integrity
David Warren 532-5712

Eric Dover 532-4785

Planning and Analysis
David Warren 532-5712

Provost's Office
David Warren 532-5712

Vice Provost for IT Services--Office of Information Security and Compliance
Harvard Townsend 532-2985


College of Technology and Aviation
Bill Chestnut (785) 826-2664

Student Life

Nick Austin 532-6250

Assoc. VP for Student Life
Sara Opperud 532-5302

Career and Employment Services
Dawn Wall 532-1683

Educational and Personal Development
Jim Barnes 532-2937

Educational Supportive Services
Sara Opperud 532-5302

Leasure Hall Tutoring Center
Sara Opperud 532-5302

Student Financial Assistance
Nick Austin 532-6250

Vice President of Administration and Finance

Controller's Office
Bryan Boutz 532-2048

Information Systems Office
John Streeter 532-4758

K-State Police
Annette Allen 532-1136

Vice President for Research

Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI)
Will Baldwin 532-1333