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Securing the User Account on Your Mac

The following are steps for securing your account settings in Mac OS X versions 10.3 and higher:

1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen.


2. Click on System Preferences, which should be the fourth one down.


3. The system preferences menu will open.  It will look like this:


4. You will need to click on the Accounts icon, which is under the System heading.

5. Once the Accounts menu opens it will look like this:


6. You will use options within this menu to secure your computer.

Before you can make changes, you will need to make sure the settings are "unlocked" and can be modified.

7. Click on the lock in the lower left corner.

You will be asked to type in your password. This is the same password you use to login to your computer.


8. After you input your password select OK,  you will be able to modify your account settings.

9. In the Account menu, click on Login Options, which is toward the lower left corner and is denoted by a house icon.


10. Once you have opened the Login Options window, it will look like this:


11. You want to make sure the following options are selected:

  • Display Login Window as: List of users
  • You do not want to select any of the other options.
  • Your window should look identical to the illustration above (except for the account name) when you are done.

12. Now you are done with the Accounts menu.

13. To return to the system preferences main menu, click on the Show All icon in the upper left corner.


14. You will need to select the Security icon in the upper right corner, under the heading Personal:


15. Once inside the security menu, it will look like this:


16. The security settings we recommend are as follows:

  • Require password to wake this computer
  • Disable automatic log-in
  • Require password to unlock each secure system preference

17. Click on the Lock to secure the changes. You are Finished.