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Kansas State University

IT Security at K-State

Browsing the web is more hazardous than you think. The K-State Office of Information Security and Compliance work to help all K-Staters understand the importance of using good security practices and common sense when they use their computers on the Internet.

Did you know that just by visiting a website:

  • Your computer can get infected with viruses, spyware and adware, pop-up links, and more.
  • Your browser settings can be changed by hidden programs.
  • Your personal data can be captured and used in identity theft.

What you can do

  1. Read before you click on anything. If you don't understand, don't click.
  2. Be careful when downloading anything from the Internet. Many "free" programs have hidden attachments.
  3. Use a good pop-up blocker, one that also prevents pop-unders from hiding behind other windows.
  4. Verify a website is a reliable business. Before giving personal data, check for a secure icon (padlock) and/or "https" in the address.
  5. Take a look through all of the IT Security pages so that you can be sure to be secure!

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