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Technology Classroom Orientation

Spring 2015 Semester


One-on-one orientations are available for the Spring 2015 Semester.
Please fill out the online request form, to schedule an individual orientation time. Staff will be available to answer your questions and provide assistance.

Drop-in orientation sessions are recommended for returning faculty new to a particular room or who have not been in a technology classroom for some time.

Full orientation sessions are required for anyone to obtain keys to K-State's technology classroom environments. These sessions will consist of:

  1. Equipment demonstration – an opportunity for hands-on operation of equipment.
  2. Utilization of physical space - discussion of room specific considerations.
  3. How to unlock/lock the podium and classroom.
  4. Policies - discussion of specific policies and security procedures governing use of the room.

The orientation will last approximately 20 minutes including time for questions. You may attend a session in any room in order to satisfy the orientation requirement.

There are also three basic tutorial videos on the different types of Technology Classrooms on campus available for reference here.

Problems with training requests?
Call 532-4924 for assistance.