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K-State Technology Classrooms

Below are the high tech classroom schedules. There may be other reservations of these rooms that are not listed. Please consult Facilities Room Scheduling at 532-1712.

All individual reservations of the high tech classrooms must comply with the Technology Classroom Usage Policy.

More information about the type and capacity of each individual technology classroom can be found here.

*Classroom Types

  • Basic Technology Classrooms are rooms with a place to plug in a laptop and are equipped with an LCD projector or other display device. Video, Internet and audio connections are provided.

  • Common Technology Classrooms are rooms equipped with an LCD projector or other display, computer, sound system, DVD player, document camera, and Internet connection.

  • Expanded Technology Classrooms are rooms with the common technology which have additional capabilities that may include some combination of one or more of the following: video conferencing equipment, video or audio capturing equipment and interactive technologies.

  • Studio Technology Classrooms are computing lab environments equipped with hardware and software that are unique to a discipline or related disciplines.
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