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The Technology Classroom Listserv

The TC-L listserv is designed to provide notification to faculty of problems which arise in the technology classrooms. In addition to problem reporting, the listserv is used to let faculty know about ways in which they can provide us with their insights as to how we can mutually make the classrooms better. There are three kinds of messages you will receive from this list:

  • Notifications which have the classroom you teach in in the subject header. These messages deal with problems and/or improvements to the room in which you teach. You will want to read these messages as soon as you get them as they will contain information about the equipment or other factors in the room which may impact your teaching.
  • Notifications which have a classroom other than the classroom in which you teach. These are similar to the messages above except they will pertain to some other classroom. You may safely disregard these types of messages without opening them.
  • Notifications which say "All Instructors" in the subject header. These will be more general reminders, invitations to instructional equipment demonstrations, our annual survey, or participation in other opportunities to provide us with feedback about your experiences, wants and desires in the classrooms. These messages are less frequent than the other two, and they can be read at your leisure.

Every effort is made to minimize the number of messages you recieve. As classes move about from time to time, please let us know if you have moved your class to another room and no longer need to receive notifications from the list.