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Kansas State University


Information Resource Management Council (IRMC)

IRMC's purpose is to develop information resource policy, to interpret it, and to provide a vehicle for change of that policy. All university policy related to information technology should be approved by the IRMC.

iSIS Steering Committee

The iSIS Steering Committee works collaboratively to set strategic direction and recommend priorities for enhancements to K-State’s student information system, iSIS, to better meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. The Committee provides high-level direction and coordination and provides or makes recommendations regarding the allocation of resources.

iSIS Task Force

The iSIS Task Force is a subcommittee of the Council on Academic Policies and Procedures (CAPP) that began meeting in January 2006 to determine academic procedural guidelines for implementing the new student information system, iSIS. The Committee plays a key role in recommending, planning, communicating, and implementing changes in iSIS on behalf of the colleges.

K-State Online Advisory Council

The K-State Online Advisory Council (KSOAC) is intended to provide a mechanism for communication between the K-State Online development team and the faculty, staff and students that rely on this system. The council is made up of representatives from the Student Senate, academic colleges and departments, and administrative support staff of the university.

Security Incident Response Team (SIRT)

The SIRT is charged with providing services and support dedicated to preventing and responding to information/network security incidents.

IT Awards and Recognition Committee

The IT Awards and Recognition Committee provides annual awards and recognition to outstanding ITS and KSRE employees and teams.