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Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy

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Our mission is to build community capacity for informed, engaged, civil deliberation.
Our vision is stronger democracy through enhanced public deliberation.

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Juvenile Justice Forums

Community engagement with juvenile justice reform has taken on special urgency in Kansas with recent passage of Senate Bill 367, written to reduce the placement of low-risk juvenile offenders in detention. ICDD faculty associate Greg Paul and community affiliate Thea Nietfeld have been conducting a series of public forums on this issue throughout the year, in a project supported by the Kettering Foundation.  On May 5 they held the fourth forum, "They're all our kids; cultivating cultures where families can thrive", in Topeka.  Participants generated ideas for community-based alternatives to detention for youth in trouble, and discussed the larger context of families in need of public programs supporting mental wellness, education, and food security.  To obtain a copy of the forthcoming report from this forum contact Greg Paul.

Kansas Reservoir Health  - collaboration with Kansas Association for Conservation & Environmental Education (KACEE)

Development of issue guides following the choice-work protocol of National Issues Forums involves focus groups and interviews with subject experts as well as laypersons. ICDD is assisting members of KACEE as part of a national initiative by the Kettering Foundation to explore value systems fundamental to public discussion on a range of water policy topics.  An issue guide is under development on the topic of Kansas reservoir health.  If you are interested in participating in water focus groups and public forums planned this year, email Donna Schenck-Hamlin.


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Journal of Public Deliberation

The Journal of Public Deliberation was created as a scholarly forum for deliberative democracy. The journal publishes information on research, opinions, projects, experiments, and experience of practitioners and academics.

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