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Institute for Commercialization

Strategic Partnerships & Outreach

A university possesses more smart people than they do patents and therefore the decision to strategically leverage expertise and capabilities becomes key in maximizing the value of potential opportunities.  Understanding this concept, we have created a new model focused on identifying areas of strength and creatively capitalizing on those through university-private sector strategic partnerships. Kansas State University has an exceedingly high level of value and expertise in key research areas to provide small to medium size companies that lack the necessary resources to compete with larger companies. 

The opportunity to promote the capabilities and expertise at Kansas State University are many.  One such example exists within the nationally recognized realm of animal health research at Kansas State University. With the anticipated arrival of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, close proximity of the Animal Health Corridor, and by leveraging our expertise, we seek to identify and match unmet needs with the knowledge and expertise available at Kansas State University to assist in the advancement and growth of companies.

The economic benefits of these partnerships not only affect Manhattan, but also the State of Kansas and the region.  They promote economic growth through new jobs, generation of revenue streams, while providing benefit to the University and its students.