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Institute for Commercialization


The Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization serves as the marketing and licensing agent for inventions held by the Kansas State University Research Foundation (KSURF) for the benefit of the university and its researchers through a continuing partnership agreement. Our team continues to utilize its skills in vetting technology portfolios, deep industry contacts and commercialization expertise it developed from 1998 to 2004 during our Technology Acquisition, Development and Commercialization (TADAC) program to support its clients in their IP monetization endeavors through the following services:

  • Technology transfer organization structure and procedures
  • Intellectual property acquisition, licensing and strategy
  • Market research and analysis, including industry analysis, competitive landscape and corporate profiling
  • Sales and marketing strategy development and support
  • Contract drafting, negotiations and review

In 1998 the Treasury Department established a donation model in which corporations were given financial incentive, via tax deduction, to transfer their dormant technology to not-for-profit entities to foster economic development initiatives. Through its TADAC program, KSU-IC turned away nearly 70 percent of the patents offered, acquiring only those technologies identified as having promising commercial opportunity, yet still ranked as the nation’s leading patent donee having received 25 percent of all donations offered under the program. KSU-IC’s involvement in the program and our selectiveness of donations have proven to be a tremendous asset as we have now licensed or sold 51 percent of those technologies donated, with annual sales of these products surpassing $45 million and climbing.

Our current model focuses on taking the skills that were honed by our organization during the technology donation and commercialization program and applying them to becoming a strategic partner in supporting universities, corporations and research entities to maximize the financial value of their IP portfolio. The KSU-IC currently supports Wichita State University, MRIGlobal and other private companies in the monetization of their portfolios.


With more than $200 million in sponsored research from industry, Kansas State University is known for its expertise in the key areas of animal health, food science and safety, grain science, mechanical and nuclear engineering, nanoscience and plant science.


Wichita State University, located in the air capital of the world, is heavily focused in aerospace engineering. Furthermore, according to the National Science Foundation, WSU’s National Institute for Aviation Research is currently second in the nation in aeronautical research and development expenditures -- totaling $50 million -- by universities.


MRIGlobal, a contract research organization based in Kansas City, conducts programs in the areas of national security and defense, life sciences, energy and the environment, agriculture and food safety, and engineering and infrastructure. MRIGlobal has also managed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL, in Golden, Colo., since its inception.