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Institute for Commercialization

Knowledge Based Economic Development

The Knowledge Based Economic Development (KBED) partnership is a unique collection of civic, academic and private entities working together to support new and growing companies in Manhattan. This integrated community economic development program seeks to recruit companies by leveraging the capabilities and expertise available at Kansas State University. 

KBED’s efforts will help increase the number of high-paying jobs, generate new discoveries through university-industry collaborations, and boost the infrastructure of the region. This initiative is supported by a diverse group of successful Manhattan partner companies, including:

  • Kansas State University
  • Kansas State University Foundation
  • Kansas State University Research Foundation
  • Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce
  • North Central Kansas Community Network
  • Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization
  • City of Manhattan



March 10, 2011

National cybersecurity partnership with industry protects user data, grows local economy

Computing science experts at Kansas State University are helping lead the way in the country's cybersecurity efforts. A newly formed partnership between K-State and several national technology and marketing companies will ensure that digital information stays a little safer.

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