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Institute for Commercialization


Our highly skilled team can provide assistance to businesses through a wide range of services. We currently support universities, corporations and research entities in the following:


  • Corporate formation and governance
  • Personnel, executive and board recruitment; assistance in structuring compensation, including benefits, cash and equity incentive plans
  • Contract drafting, negotiations and review
  • Operations management, including weekly oversight of customer service, human resources, resource allocation and acquisition
  • Serving in board, executive and other officer/management positions


  • Strategic planning and business plan development
  • IP acquisition, licensing and strategy
  • New product development management and identification of new markets for products and services
  • Establishing strategic partnerships through joint development agreements, exclusive supplier/distributor contracts or strategic investment
  • Planning for and facilitating IPO, acquisition or corporate buy-back to provide liquidity for shareholders


  • Market research and analysis, including industry analysis, competitive landscape and corporate profiling
  • Sales and marketing strategy development and support

Financial Management

  • Facilitating access to capital, including government grants, seed capital and angel investment networks
  • Assistance in structuring debt and equity financing rounds, including assistance with business valuation and capitalization
  • Financial management based on balance sheets, net income and cash flow statements, as well as business plans, budgets and forecasts
  • Bookkeeping services and payroll


  • Office, lab and conference room space available with common tenant services, or assistance in finding off-site facilities

Client Quotes:

"Before partnering with NISTAC, we struggled to properly balance our focus on daily work with strategic development, but that has now changed as we have experts to help guide us down the start-up path. I highly recommend their services to any private start-up company that finds it difficult to wear the many hats of an entrepreneur."

Kirby Chapman
President, Scavengetech, LLC

"At MRI, we value the strategic relationship with NISTAC as we strengthen our ties with K-State and establish Midwest Research Institute-Kansas, LLC in Manhattan. The unique mission of NISTAC aligns well with and complements MRI’s strength in applied research. Most importantly, the MRI and NISTAC partnership is highlighted by the excellent relationships that have developed between MRI and NISTAC staff. The talented NISTAC team has been welcoming and collaborative and a great asset for MRI as we explore new opportunities together."

Tom Sack
Midwest Research Institute