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Thermal management system for heat engine components

Reference Number: N 01-02

Inventors: Rao, V. Durga N.


USPTO Link:5477820

Invention Summary

Heat engine piston and combustion chamber construction enclosing a gas combustion zone, comprising: a piston body having a crown facing said gas combustion zone; combustion chamber surfaces cooperating with said piston to complete enclosure of said zone; and a thermal diffusivity coating on said crown and combustion chamber surfaces having an effective thickness to operate as a thermal diode to restrict heat transfer to said piston body and combustion chamber and to restrict heat transfer to said combustible charge prior to combustion. A method of thermally managing heat generated by an internal combustion engine, the engine having combustion chamber walls for combusting a gaseous mixture of air and fuel, a cooling jacket for cooling said walls, and a piston moveable along a portion of said walls, comprising: increasing the compression ratio of the engine to induce engine-knock for an uncoated chamber; coating at least the crown of the piston of said combustion chamber walls with a low thermal diffusivity layer that functions as a heat diode to restrict heat transfer in both directions normal to the coating; operating said engine with said coating chamber wall and increased compression ratio, whereby fresh intake of combustible mixture to said combustion chamber will be drawn thereinto at a lower temperature and volumetric efficiency with less heat from said combustion being wasted to said cooling jacket.