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Rinse soluble polymer film composition for wash additives

Reference Number: N 04-07

Inventors: Smith, William L.; Kaufmann, Edward J.; Sudbury; Barry A.


USPTO Link:4972017

Invention Summary

A polymeric film material for the rinse release of wash additives comprises a blend of polyvinyl alcohol and an alkyl cellulose. A metalloid oxide cross-linking agent is present in an amount sufficient to sharply reduce the solubility rate of the film blend in an alkaline wash, yet allow dissolution in a less alkaline rinse. Optionally, a hydrophobic cationic species is included to further reduce the dissolution rate in the wash pH. The films remain intact during normal wash cycles and over a range of typical water temperatures, then rapidly dissolve in the rinse. The film can be used to microencapsulate an additive, or made into a water-soluble pouch, or as a soluble seal for a pouch or container.