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Process for preparing N-alkyl ammonium acetonitrile compounds

Reference Number: N 03-02A

Inventors: Annen, Ulrich; Deline, James E.; Foland, Lafayette D.; Klotter, Kevin A.; Muller, Josef; Muller, Michael; Mundinger, Klaus; Phillippi, Martin A.; Ruland, Alfred; Schafer, Wolfgang; Schurmann, Gregor; Widder, Rudi; Zielske, Alfred G.


USPTO Link:6235218

Invention Summary

A process is provided for the preparation of a compound having the structure of Formula I ##STR1## The process includes reacting a heterocyclic amine with a monoaldehyde or a dialdehyde in a pH range of from about 8 to 14 and then quaternizing the so-reacted heterocyclic amine with an alkylating agent at a pH of not less than about 2. The use of pH control substantially prevents formation of an undesirable protonated reaction intermediate.