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Alkoxylated peracid activators

Reference Number: N 03-07

Inventors: Steichen, Dale S.; Wiersema, Richard J.


USPTO Link:5705091

Invention Summary

Bleaching compositions are provided that comprise peracid activators. The peracid activators are ester derivatives of a carboxylic acid where the oxygen is covalently bound through a polyhydroxy linking group to a leaving group that is displaceable in a peroxygen bleaching solution by perhydroxide anion. When the peracid activator is combined with a source of peroxygen in aqueous solution, then a stain removing peracid is formed. One embodiment of the peracid activator has the structure [Figure] where R\' is a branched or linear C4-12 alkyl, n is 1 to about 7, and L is a leaving group.

Embodiments of the invention have shown significant bleaching on various stains, such as bandy-black clay which correlates well with "dingy-soil" cleaning on consumer garments. Because peracid activators of the invention include polyhydroxide linking groups, such as ethoxy or propoxy, the degree of ethoxylation or propoxylation can be selected to adjust the hydrophylic and hydrophobic balance of the compound.