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Cyclododecaiptycenes, cyclacenes and their self-assembled nanotubes

Reference Number: K 07-12

Inventors: Hua, Duy

Owner: Kansas State University Research Foundation


Invention Summary

Nanotubes can be used in superconducting materials, new electronic materials, and non-linear optics, to name a few. Research at Kansas State University has synthesized beltenes and cyclacenes, belt-like compounds, which provide a wide range of structural and functional capabilities to the self-assembled nanotubes.

The research on the synthesis of these compounds is unprecedented and it will provide new applications in chemical, biological and material sciences.


  • The compounds have not previously been synthesized


  • Superconducting Materials

  • New Electronic Materials

  • Nano-devices

  • Ion Channels

  • Nanomaterials

  • Non-Linear Optics

  • Second Harmonic & Third Harmonic Generations

  • Detection of explosive materials such as TNT