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Institute for Commercialization

Use of cells to facilitate targeted delivery of nanoparticle therapeutics

Reference Number: K 07-26

Inventors: Troyer, Deryl L.; Hua, Duy

Owner: Kansas State University Research Foundation


Invention Summary

The use of human cells to combat pathology is of great interest in many disease indications, especially in the treatment of diseases such as cancer and inflammatory diseases. This new technology represents a shift in how cells can potentially be utilized for targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules.

The present invention utilizes cells as a delivery system for active agents that are difficult to deliver, such as agents with poor solubility, that degrade easily, or that are toxic to the body. The cells are used as carriers of a new non-toxic nanogel that are loaded with therapeutics. The delivery cells are engineered to undergo apoptosis and/or lysis after migration to a particular site of pathology. The cells naturally hone to the specific area of pathology, releasing the effective but otherwise difficult-to-deliver therapeutic treatments.


  • Deliver therapeutics other than proteins specifically to desired targets at locally high levels

  • Delivery of difficult-to-deliver compounds to the site of pathology

  • Do not have to genetically engineer cells (can deliver small molecules)

  • Precludes possible future damage by the delivery cells themselves

  • Could be used with many different types of cells

  • Anti-microbial, anti-tumor, receptor antagonists, etc. can be locally delivered to obviate systemic side effects

  • Anti-inflammatory agents could be delivered locally to areas of inflammation, e.g., arthritis


  • Anti-cancer therapy

    • Focused delivery of powerful but toxic pro-apoptotic or growth inhibitory agents

    • Delivery of protein or other anti-angiogenic agents to inhibit neovascularization

  • Treatment for localized inflammatory diseases

  • Antiviral compounds

  • Therapeutic proteins and compounds

  • Antibiotic compounds

  • Treatments for animal health diseases