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Metal-nitrides prepared by photolytic/pyrolytic decomposition of metal-amides

Reference Number: N 03-03

Inventors: Narula, Chaitanya K.; Maricq, Michel M.


USPTO Link:5417823

Invention Summary

This invention is directed to a method of preparing a material product comprising metal nitride by photolytic/pyrolytic decomposition of particularly claimed metal amides. The method comprises providing metal amides selected from the group consisting of (a) Zr[R.sub.2 N].sub.4 ; (b) Nb[R.sub.2 N].sub.4 ; (c) mixtures of (a) and (b); and (d) mixtures of any of (a) , (b) , or (c) with Ti[R.sub.2 N].sub.4 ; wherein R is an organic group; irradiating said metal amides for a time sufficient to decompose at least a portion of said metal amides to an metal-organic residue; removing undecomposed metal amides from said metal-organic residue; and pyrolyzing said metal-organic residue in an inert or an ammonia atmosphere at an elevated temperature to form a material comprising metal nitrides. For example, the residue, if pyrolyzed in an inert atmosphere such as nitrogen, will provide a metal nitride/metal carbide composite or, if pyrolyzed in an ammonia/nitrogen atmosphere, will provide substantially metal nitride.