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Compact, Customizable, Multifunctional, Wireless Health Monitoring Device

Reference Number: K 11-01

Inventors: Warren, Steve; Li, Kejia

Owner: Kansas State University Research Foundation


Invention Summary

Countless people everyday are required to monitor their health, but are limited to several individual product offerings hindered by size, price, reading quality and functionality.  With these problems in mind, researchers at Kansas State University have developed a solution by way of a compact, customizable wireless health monitoring device. 

This device includes an advanced processing platform enabling more readings with increased accuracy.  Given its enhanced capabilities the device is no larger then a pack of gum in size.  The design functionality allows for multiple components tailored specifically to the patient in which data is collected through direct patient contact, wirelessly via sensors placed on the body, or motion sensors contained within the device.  The results can then be viewed on a LCD screen, cell phone, or computer.

Complementing the advanced data analysis feature, the device has multiple options for simple data extraction that include: USB, HDMI or WiFi.  The most efficient being utilization of WiFi allowing instant data upload anywhere a public router is present.  This uploaded data can then be submitted directly into the patient files for physician analysis and recommendation. 


  • Inconspicuous design
  • Greater portability
  • Increased security
  • Multiple monitors provide an all-in-one health device
  • Simple data extraction
  • Advanced processing platform


  • Chronically ill patients that require frequent monitoring.
  • Body area networks monitoring specific vitals.
  • Everyday users that are interested in personal well-being.