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Institute for Commercialization

Carbonaceous adsorbent membranes for gas dehydration

Reference Number: N 04-02

Inventors: Rao, Madhukar Bhaskara; Sircar, Shivaji; Golden, Timothy Christopher


USPTO Link:6004374

Invention Summary

The invention is a method of making a carbonaceous adsorbent membrane for removing water from a water-containing gas mixture which comprises contacting a hydrophobic carbonaceous adsorbent membrane with an aqueous solution of one or more oxidizing acids and one or more metals selected from the group consisting of copper (+2), chromium (+3), and nickel (+2), removing the resulting treated carbonaceous adsorbent membrane from contact with the solution, washing the treated carbonaceous adsorbent membrane to remove residual solution therefrom, and drying the resulting washed treated carbonaceous adsorbent membrane to yield a hydrophilic carbonaceous adsorbent membrane. Preferably, the contacting is carried out in the temperature range of about 25 to about 100.degree. C. for a duration of about 15 seconds to about 30 minutes.