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Method of producing CVD diamond coated scribing wheels

Reference Number: N 03-03

Inventors: Wu, Ching-Hsong; Potter, Timothy J.; Tamor, Michael Alan; Allor, Richard Lawrence


USPTO Link:5855974

Invention Summary

The present invention is broadly directed to a method for providing a scribing wheel with a film of diamond and the wheel produced according to the method. The method comprises the steps of: providing a scribing wheel suitable to scribe glassy materials; subjecting the scribing wheel to a pretreatment process which comprises exposing the scribing wheel to: liquid cleaner; organic solvent; 5 to 30% hydrogen peroxide in water solution; and aqueous reducing solution comprising compounds selected from the group consisting of (i) KOH; (ii) a mixture of KOH and K.sub.3 Fe(CN).sub.6 ; (iii) NaOH; and (iv) a mixture of NaOH and K.sub.3 Fe(CN).sub.6 ; and subsequently depositing a film of diamond by a chemical vapor deposition process onto at least the scribing edge of the pretreated scribing wheel. The pretreatment can be implemented by carrying out the exposure to the hydrogen peroxide and the aqueous reducing solution in alternate order.