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Dimeric N-Alkyl ammonium acetonitrile bleach activators

Reference Number: N 03-02A

Inventors: Deline, James E.; Klotter, Kevin A.


USPTO Link:5877315

Invention Summary

In one aspect of the present invention, novel dimeric nitrile compounds are provided that have the Formula 1 and 2 structures: ##STR2## In both the Formula 1 and 2 structures, B is a saturated ring formed by a plurality of atoms in addition to the N.sub.1 atom, and the ring atoms preferably include at least one carbon atom and at least one of O, S, and N atoms, but can be composed of the one N.sub.1 atom and the rest carbons. In Formula 1, R.sub.2 and R.sub.3 are each H, a C.sub.1-24 alkyl, cycloalkyl, or alkaryl, or a repeating or nonrepeating alkoxyl or alkoxylated alcohol where the alkoxy unit is C.sub.2-4. Particularly preferred Formula 1 compounds are useful as activators for hydrogen peroxide in bleaching and cleaning applications, in which case at least one of R.sub.2 and R.sub.3 is hydrogen and preferably where at least one of the Formula 1 dimer structure has R'.sub.2 and R'.sub.3 chosen from the same group of moieties as R.sub.2 and R.sub.3, and these may be the same as R.sub.2 and R.sub.3 or be different. In Formula 2, R.sub.5 and R'.sub.5 are analogous to R.sub.2 and R'.sub.2 of Formula 1, and preferably are chosen from the same group of moieties.

The R.sub.1 linking group of Formula 1 is bonded to the N.sub.1 atoms and includes a polyoxyalkylene group with 1 to 24 oxyalkylene units or an alkylene group with 1 to 24 carbons, as well as thioethers. In Formula 2, the linking group is R.sub.6 and is linked to the .alpha.-carbon with respect to the cyano carbon. This .alpha.-carbon is a methylene carbon since greater numbers of carbon between the quaternary N.sub.1 and the cyano carbon are believed to be disadvantageous for bleaching applications.

Since the Formula 1 and 2 compounds have quaternary nitrogen atoms (N.sub.1), appropriate counterions (Y) will be associated therewith.

Compositions of the invention are useful as or in laundry products, such as bleaching additives, detergents, detergent boosters, detergents with bleach, bleaches, bleaching aids, stain removers, and spot treatment products such as stain removers, prewash and presoak laundry aids.