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Institute for Commercialization

N-alkyl ammonium acetonitrile bleach activators

Reference Number: N 03-02A

Inventors: Arbogast, James W.; Deline, James E.; Foland, Lafayette D.; Kaaret, Thomas W.; Klotter, Kevin A.; Petrin, Michael J.; Smith, William L.; Zielske, Alfred G.


USPTO Link:5739327

Invention Summary

Bleaching compositions are provided that comprise a nitrile containing compound that has the nitrile bonded to a quaternary nitrogen through a methylene unit (where one or both of the normal hydrogens can be substituted), and two of the quaternary nitrogen bonds are part of a saturated ring. This saturated ring contains from two to eight atoms in addition to the quaternary nitrogen. A source of active oxygen will react with the nitrile for bleaching applications. Particularly preferred nitrile containing compounds are N-alkyl morpholinium acetonitrile salts.