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Institute for Commercialization

Acyloxynitrogen peracid precursors

Reference Number: N 03-07

Inventors: Zielske, Alfred G.


USPTO Link:5328634

Invention Summary

The invention provides novel bleaching compositions comprising peracid precursors having oxynitrogen leaving groups. Peracid precursors containing these leaving groups provide new, proficient and cost-effective compounds for fabric bleaching. These compounds have the general structures: wherein R is a straight or branched chain C1-20 alkyl, alkoxyl, cycloalkyl and mixtures thereof; R1 contains at least one carbon atom which is singly bonded directly to N; n is an integer from 1 to 6 and X is methylene or a heteroatom; or wherein n is the same as in (I); but R2 contains a carbon atom doubly bonded directly to N, and, either X is a heteroatom, R is C4-17 alkyl or both.