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For Industry

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Research Strengths

Kansas State University researchers have worked to decode nature and improve lives since 1863. As land-grant leaders, our experts advance the forefront of global food systems, biosciences, and animal health by using an interdisciplinary approach to enable impactful technologies and enhance well-being. Find out more about our research strengths from the Office of the Vice President of Research.

Find Experts

Looking for a K-State research expert who can help you with a project? Use the Pivot database to find the right person.

Research Showcase

This annual event facilitates collaboration by providing a venue for industry representatives to gain a better understanding of K-State research activities and capabilities. Find out more.

Tech Transfer

K-State has an active program to facilitate technology licensing and transfer (commercialization) of intellectual property developed by University faculty. This process is facilitated through a partnership between Kansas State University Research Foundation and the Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization (KSU-IC).


The K-State Career Center can meet your recruiting needs by providing you with access to post jobs online, search our resume database, and meet top-notch candidates through career fairs and on-campus interviews.


Whether growing your business is a result of developing and growing next-generation energy crops or you are building your product offering one nanoparticle at a time, K-State offers a wealth of opportunity to supplement the multidisciplinary research needs of most established and emerging private and public organizations. Our strong community partnerships will help ensure that you just the right place. Learn more about opportunities in Manhattan, Kansas.

Professional Development

K-State's Global Campus provides opportunities for professional and personnel development including conference services, non-credit programs, continuing education, and more.