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Pet Food R&D Showcase: Going with the Grain

Please save the date for October 10-12, 2017 for the Petfood R&D Showcase at K-State featuring grains. 

Participate in a fun and relaxed learning environment where you use your hands, your nose and all your senses. This multi-day event is a joint academic-industry partnership between Watt Global Media (Petfood Industry Magazine and Petfood Forum) and the Pet Food Program at Kansas State University. 

Participants will hear the latest on market trends in use of whole and specialty grains in pet food and learn some of the emerging science behind their value to processing, nutrition, and health of companion animals from the country's leading faculty. The second day will be full of interactive labs exploring pet food production with an emphasis on incorporation of grains and novel starches. There will be student presentations of research, time for one-on-one interaction, and activities only found on a college campus. 

For more information or to register, visit: www.PetfoodForumEvents.com