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Institute for Commercialization

About the KSU-IC

The Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization is dedicated to the start-up and expansion of technology-based, high-growth enterprises and enabling the commercialization of university and under-utilized corporate intellectual property. Our organization provides opportunity assessment; strategic partnership design; technology acquisition, management and licensing; business development; and technology transfer support activities for entrepreneurs to commercialize intellectual property emanating from basic research at Kansas State University and other intellectual property portfolios.

Our capabilities range from opportunity assessment to building the successful enterprise:

Assessment of opportunities

Intellectual property evaluation and risk assessment
Market assessment
Readiness to market

Design strategic partnerships

Bridge cultural differences between corporate, university and government entities
Identify and facilitate relationships with corporate and financial partners
Partner with small and large companies and individuals, locally and globally

Facilitate technology transfer

Acquire intellectual property
Joint development of strategic intellectual property
Manage, by contract, corporate and university portfolios
Portfolio marketing
Perform technology transfer support activities

Build successful enterprises

Business start-up
Business services
Concept design and development
Marketing assistance
Recruitment of management team
Facility identification and management
Start-up capital assistance