Kansas State University

  • HLC Accreditation Self-Study

    September 2009

  • Appoint committee members

    October-December 2009

  • Draft Chapter Outlines

    January-May 2010

  • Draft Chapters

    June 2010-October 2010

  • Review Draft Chapters

    November-December 2010

  • Second Draft of Chapters

    January-March 2011

  • Internal Committee Review

    April-May 2011

  • Draft Comprehensive Report

    June-November 2011

  • Institution-Wide Review

    November 2011

  • Gather Feedback

    December 2011

  • Final Report Review

    January 2011

  • Submit Final Report

    February 2012

  • Self-Study Update

    February-March 2012

  • Site Visit

    April 9-11, 2012

  • Outcome

    Summer 2012

Peer Review Team

Dr. Richard A. Hanson (Team Chair) (.pdf)

Bemidji State University

Dr. Sally H. Digman (.pdf)

Program Director of Assessment, Accreditation & Analysis
West Virginia University

Mr. James Ryan Doyle (.pdf)

Vice President for Student Affairs
DePaul University

Ms. Kathleen K. Elliott (.pdf)

Associate Vice President and Controller
Oklahoma State University

Dr. Ralph J. Katerberg (.pdf)

Associate Professor, College of Business Administration
University of Cincinnati

Dr. Jean M. McEnery (.pdf)

Professor, College of Business
Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Thomas L. McPhail (.pdf)

Professor of Media Studies
University of Missouri-Saint Louis

Dr. Myron L. Pope (.pdf)

Vice President of Enrollment Management
University of Central Oklahoma

Dr. William Ray (.pdf)

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice Provost for
University of Oklahoma

Dr. Brenda Russell (.pdf)

Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, Adjunct Professor of
Medicine, Section of
University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Gary D. Sandefur (.pdf)

Dean, College of Letters and Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Devarajan Venugopalan (.pdf)

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee