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Assessment matters

High-quality assessment is essential to improving student learning.  Through the use of both direct and indirect sources of evidence of student achievement, assessments guide collective actions for improvements in teaching, academic supports, and curricula. 

A culture of assessment

The Office of Assessment believes in an approach that links learning from coursework to programmatic and university learning expectations. Within a culture of trust and shared responsibility, faculty and student life professionals develop and implement ongoing and systematic assessments—with participation from students, administrators, alumni and K-State constituents—to understand what and how much students learn. The purpose is to continuously improve curriculum, instruction, and learning. To assist faculty, the Office of Assessment provides support, resources, and training to help develop and implement assessment practices tailored to faculty and programmatic  needs.      

We’re here to help

The Office of Assessment exists to serve the K-State community by supporting assessment activities, coordinating university-wide assessments, and fostering a culture of assessment. Please contact us at 785-532-2114 or assessment@ksu.edu with any questions or suggestions.


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