Kansas State University

  • HLC Accreditation Self-Study

    September 2009

  • Appoint committee members

    October-December 2009

  • Draft Chapter Outlines

    January-May 2010

  • Draft Chapters

    June 2010-October 2010

  • Review Draft Chapters

    November-December 2010

  • Second Draft of Chapters

    January-March 2011

  • Internal Committee Review

    April-May 2011

  • Draft Comprehensive Report

    June-November 2011

  • Institution-Wide Review

    November 2011

  • Gather Feedback

    December 2011

  • Final Report Review

    January 2011

  • Submit Final Report

    February 2012

  • Self-Study Update

    February-March 2012

  • Site Visit

    April 9-11, 2012

  • Outcome

    Summer 2012


Third Party Feedback

The public is encouraged to provide third party comments to the Higher Learning Commission regarding Kansas State University's comprehensive accreditation site visit scheduled for April 9 - 11, 2012.  Kansas State University has been accredited by the HLC since 1916. 

Additional information regarding the third party process (.pdf)

Comments may be sent to:

Public Comment on Kansas State University
The Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604

You may also submit your comments online at: http://www.ncahlc.org/information-for-the-public/third-party-comment.html.

Comments are due in the Commission office no later than one month before the date the visit is scheduled to begin. The Commission cannot guarantee that comments received after the due date will be considered. Comments should include the name and address of the person(s) providing the comments.

Individuals with a specific dispute or grievance with an institution should request the separate Policy on Complaints document from the Commission office. The Higher Learning Commission cannot settle disputes between institutions and individuals, whether faculty, students, or others. Complaints will not be considered as comments.

Self-Study Report and Feedback - Closed as of December 16, 2011.

K-State President Kirk Schulz encourages everyone on campus to review the draft self-study.
The Self-Study Report

In preparation for the site visit from the Higher Learning Commisssion (HLC) in April 2012, we were required to prepare a self-study to address the HLC's criteria concerning our mission, resources, programs, teaching effectiveness, student learning, engagement activities, and other aspects of the university community.

The self-study document provides evidence relating to K-State's performance regarding the specified criteria. It was not intended to be completely inclusive of all programs and activities of the university; it was written to highlight those activities that related directly to the criteria. It was also not intended to serve as simply a statement of all of the positive activities and programs of the university. Rather, it was a critical self-analysis, using the opportunity to identify the challenges faced by the university.

Invitation to Review and Provide Feedback

As part of our document review process, we invite you to read the self-study linked below and provide feedback. This could take many forms, but of most interest would be feedback in the following categories:

  1. Providing critical information that was not included in the document
  2. Correcting any misstated information in the document
  3. Providing links to reports that could serve as evidence of performance for criteria
  4. Additional comments

To provide feedback, please use the link below. You will be asked to login using your eID and password. You will then be linked to a space where you can type your thoughts, corrections, or other information. We ask that you please reference your comments with specific page numbers in the document so we can properly address your suggestions in the correct places.

Feedback will be accepted through December 16th, then the link will be deactivated to allow time for necessary follow-up and revisions to the document.

Thank you for your assistance with our review of the self-study document.

The HLC Self-Study Steering Committee

Complete Self-Study Draft Documents
Submit Feedback - Closed as of December 16, 2011