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Global Food Systems

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A global challenge requires a world leader

Kansas State University already is a global leader among universities for our research in animal health, plant science and food safety and food security. Now we're using our expertise to support the world's food systems.


Researchers part of new grant project targeting food, physical activity systems impact on child obesity prevention
David Dzewaltowski, professor of kinesiology, and Ric Rosenkranz, associate professor of human nutrition, will provide leadership in community-based research design and evaluation of the evidence-based SWITCH program offered through school-wellness coalitions. The project takes aim at childhood obesity. The work is supported through a grant to Iowa State University from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agriculture and Food Research Initiative.

Food safety specialist hopes new tracking strategy will lead to better intervention
KA Kansas State University food safety specialist says a new federal partnership to monitoring foodborne illness is a promising approach.

Researchers develop detailed genetic map of world wheat varieties
Researchers have produced the first haplotype map of wheat that provides detailed description of genetic differences in a worldwide sample of wheat lines. This is an important foundation for future improvements in wheat around the world.


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