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Global Food Systems

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Global Food Systems

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A global challenge requires a world leader

Kansas State University is already a global leader among research universities in addressing the world challenge of feeding a growing population through animal health, plant science and food safety research. Now we're pushing ourselves even further to maintain the U.S. food system as the most competitive in the world.



Keeping an eye on Ukraine, other Black Sea countries' wheat markets
The growing importance of wheat production from Black Sea-area countries Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan on the world market has Daniel O'Brien keeping a close watch on geopolitical events there – and he's encouraging U.S. wheat producers to do the same.

Best water management under limited irrigation
A Kansas State University expert explains crop watering approaches and which has more favorable economic returns when water availability is limited.

Veterinary pharmacologist warns that eggs from backyard chickens pose potential consumption problems
A pharmacologist at Kansas State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, warns that if you are raising chickens in your backyard, don't consume their eggs if the animals have been taking medication.



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