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Global Food Systems

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A global challenge requires a world leader

Kansas State University already is a global leader among universities for our research in animal health, plant science and food safety and food security. Now we're using our expertise to support the world's food systems.



Sugar-free candy not a sweet treat for dogs, veterinarian warns
Sugar substitute xylitol is becoming very popular, especially for diabetics, but a Kansas State University veterinarian warns that the product can be deadly for dogs.

Let kids enjoy the fruits of their labor, says dietitian
Kansas State University dietitian says kids should get to enjoy some of the candy earned while trick-or-treating, as long as it's part of a balanced diet.

Livestock economist discusses mandatory country-of-origin labeling
Glynn Tonsor, K-State Research and Extension livestock economist, has studied mandatory country-of-origin labeling. He discusses consumer demand influence and potential outcomes to the ongoing situation.

Evaluating cattle feeding sites vital to producers
For Kansas' cattle producers, building new feeding facilities can mean shelling out serious cash. However, Ron Graber, Kansas State University watershed extension specialist, said it's an investment that pays for itself for years to come.

Keeping food safe: Prevention better than response
Kansas State University food scientists discuss recent FDA revisions that enhance protection from foodborne illnesses.

Kansas grocer forms unique relationship with local farmers
Tim White knows local food systems rely on trust and working together.

Managing the herd when pasture is limited
Jaymelynn Farney, K-State beef systems specialist, said making the decision to put cows in confinement could help producers stay in the business. Although this past summer experienced more moisture compared to summers the last few years, consecutive years of drought has led to less overall acreage, or pounds of forage for cattle to graze, and competition for crop farming ground. 


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