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Global Food Systems

Global Food Systems

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A global challenge requires a world leader

Global Food SystemsKansas State University is already a global leader among research universities in addressing the world challenge of feeding a growing population. Now we're pushing ourselves even further to maintain the U.S. food system as the most competitive in the world.

No matter where you work — from on-farm production to marketing and consumption — Kansas State University is here with unparalleled expertise and credentials to advance your role in the food system. Your needs will be met and your expectations exceeded by what we offer in education, research and outreach.

Together we can meet the challenges you face in ensuring our food system remains second to none.

Consumer iconFor Consumers

Get the information you need when you need it about food preparation, nutrition, processing, and safety. When you are working with the consumer in mind, K-State can help.


Industry iconFor Industry

Access our state-of-the-art facilities to conduct research. Your employees will participate in our jointly developed programs so they can use new science in their jobs.


Government iconFor Government

Your agency can benefit from our research-based education and training. Staff members, from inspectors to technologists, can advance their understanding of today's food systems.