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A global challenge requires a world leader

Kansas State University already is a global leader among universities for our research in animal health, plant science and food safety and food security. Now we're using our expertise to support the world's food systems.


Kansas State University and PrecisionHawk developing UAS app that predicts corn production
Kansas State University recently signed a research partnership with PrecisionHawk Inc., a Raleigh, North Carolina, company that develops unmanned aerial systems and applications that manage the data collected by the vehicles while in operation. Researchers are creating apps and programs that turn the aerial images of corn fields — and eventually other field crops — into useful data about a potential crop production issues, such as yield-limiting factor and characterization of yield potential, such as plant growth.

Kansas State University study uncovers new approaches for sorghum breeders
A Kansas State University agronomist says a recent study on plant height in sorghum will likely be applicable to other economically important traits, such as crop yield.

University's Chuck Rice tapped for key National Academy of Sciences post
Kansas State University's Charles "Chuck" Rice, university distinguished professor of agronomy, has been named to chair the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, a major program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, starting Jan. 1, 2016.

Newly identified vernalization gene provides insights into the mechanisms of fine-tuning of wheat to diverse environments
A Kansas State University researcher has helped identify the last major vernalization gene in wheat. Vernalization genes define when the plant begins to flower and is critical for adaptation to different environments. The finding will help wheat breeders design wheat varieties that can adapt and thrive in changing environments around the world.


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