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For Faculty

Faculty are integral to our goal of improving student writing. There are a number of ways faculty can work personally with the Writing Center community:

  • If you would like us to come to your class and make a five-minute presentation about the Writing Center, email Cydney Alexis, calexis@ksu.edu, with class location, time, and number of students.
  • If you would like us to facilitate a writing workshop for your class, please contact Cydney Alexis, calexis@ksu.edu.
  • If you have a KSOL site, please add our link to your resources:
  • Many of our students visit the writing center on the recommendation of their professors. Please feel free to cut and paste the following paragraphs into your course policy statement:
    • Writing Center

      As you write in this class, you will want to seek feedback from a variety of readers. One place to do this is the Writing Center. I encourage you to visit the Writing Center to meet with a peer tutor. Writing tutors are available to talk with you about your writing at any stage and for any class. The Writing Center is located in ECS 122D, and you can make an appointment by going to http://www.k-state.edu/english/writingcenter and clicking on the link to "make an appointment online."