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Department of English

Michele Janette

Professor / Graduate Faculty
Ph.D. 1997, Yale University

Email: mjanette@ksu.edu
Office: E/CS 131
Phone: (785) 532-2170

Fields of interest:
20th Century American Literature; Asian American Literature ; Feminism/Women's Studies; Cultural Studies; Film; Critical Theory.

Michele Janette specializes in Vietnamese American literature. Her wider interests include Asian American literature, contemporary American literature, cultural studies, film, and feminism. She has edited a collection of Vietnamese American writings (1962-2011). She has produced an oral history documentary film about multicultural Kansas history and its preservation. Her articles include examinations of identity, secrecy, and history in Bitter in the Mouth; a recovery of No Passenger on the River as a foundational Vietnamese American text; surveys of Vietnamese American literature; an analysis of the way the film Three Seasons encourages viewers to look in new ways at Vietnam; an exploration of the irony in Monkey Bridge as a guerrilla tactic; and a consideration of significant ghosts in the novels of Toni Morrison and Maxine Hong Kingston. She is a member of the Women's Studies affiliated faculty, was Director of the Program in Cultural Studies from 2001-2010, and served as Department Head for Women’s Studies 2010-2015. And she dreams of DIY cabin-building in New Mexico.