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Student Organizations


The Student Association of Graduates in English (SAGE) is dedicated to improving and promoting the English Department’s graduate program and its affiliated student groups. 

SAGE is governed by graduate students, who vote on its operation and activities. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: Jamie Teixeira and Catherine Williams, jamtex@ksu.edu and willicat@ksu.edu


SOCS provides a space for students with an interest in cultural studies to celebrate, explore, and analyze culture from an interdisciplinary standpoint and to promote cultural diversity on campus and in the community. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: Mandy Moore, mooreme@ksu.edu


The Creative Writing Enthusiasts is open to all graduate students, undergraduates, and members of the Manhattan community who like to write, read, and give advice to other writers.

CreWE supports community readings and visiting creative writers. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: Maxwell Malone, mnmalone@ksu.edu

Sigma Tau Delta

The K-State chapter of the national English Honorary Society, Sigma Tau Delta, promotes interest in literature and the English language on campus and in the surrounding community, as well as fostering and encouraging the English studies discipline in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: sigmatau@ksu.edu


The Children’s and Adolescent Literature Community is an organization for people who share a common interest in children’s and adolescent literature. 

ChALC participates in reading groups, organizes a conference, hosts speakers in fields related to children’s literature, and hosts a literacy benefit concert, the Hallows and Horcruxes Ball, featuring wizard rock bands. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: Latrice Ferguson and Jamie Teixeira, chalc@ksu.edu


K-State's chapter of the national Harry Potter Alliance is dedicated to using the examples of Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore fight the Dark Arts in the real world.

HPA works towards many goals, including promoting equal rights regardless of race, gender, and sexuality; alerting the world about threats of global warming, genocide, and poverty; and working towards making the world a more peaceful place. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: Kat Sundgren, hpalliance@ksu.edu

Rhetoric & Composition Society

The Rhetoric & Composition Society is a literacy organization affiliated with the Rhetoric and Composition Track in English at K-State. 

Its goals are to create a space to discuss current projects in rhetoric and composition, facilitate the creation of larger collaborative projects, develop a community for those interested in discussing literacy in the campus community and Manhattan area, and actively reach out to the non-university community with literacy projects. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: Joe Turner, jcturner@ksu.edu


Touchstone is K-State’s student-edited literary arts magazine, published annually each Spring since 1975 by the College of Arts and Sciences with assistance from the Creative Writing Faculty, the English Department, and the K-State Fine Arts Council/SGA. Learn more: Facebook, Twitter, Web site.

Contact: Gavin Colton, touch@ksu.edu