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English Language Program

SPEAK Skills and Sample Questions

Skills for the SPEAK Test

Task-specific Questions

TaskPreparation TimeOrganizationVocabularyGrammarPronunciation
Directions30 secondsspatial orderspecific to directions

prepositions imperative transistions

elicited by street, building, room names
Story60 secondschronological ordergeneraltense prepositions/transitions of timegeneral
Graphsnonesummarizing/interpreting visual dataspecific to graphs/tablestense transistions dates numberselicited by the content in chart
Schedule60 secondsannouncing information in  a schedule emphasizing changesgeneraltense dates, numbers transitionselicited by names, places, and titles

General Questions (non preparation time other than the initial time to review map, story, or schedule)

Skills performed: 

  • stating/explaining an opinion
  • giving/explaining a solution to a problem
  • comparing two options
  • explaining a field-related concept/term
  • discussing an issue of general interest
  • stating a complaint and requesting a solution
  • discussing a future goal/plan
  • discussing alternatives/prevention


  • Street/building maps
  • Graphs and charts
  • Comic strips and graphic novels
  • Schedules and course policies from classes