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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

OIE Service and Support Units

OIE encompasses three separate service and support units for the university: (1) the Office of Planning and Analysis, (2) the Office of Assessment, and (3) the Teaching and Learning Center.

Office of Planning and Analysis:

The Office of Planning and Analysis provides a wide variety of supportive services for academic and administrative units and departments. These include: 1) providing staff support for strategic planning efforts initiated by the provost; 2) conducting administrative evaluation programs; 3) conducting analytical studies of critical university issues; 4) completing internal and external data requests and requirements; and 5) supporting university task force and committee assignments.

Office of Assessment:

The Office of Assessment believes in a cooperative approach focused on student-centered learning. Within a culture of trust and shared responsibility, faculty and student life professionals—with participation from students, administrators, alumni and K-State constituents—develop and implement ongoing and systematic assessment strategies to understand what, how much, and how students learn in order to continuously improve learning outcomes. To assist faculty, the Office of Assessment provides support, resources, and training to help department and unit faculty develop and implement assessment practices tailored to their own needs.

Teaching and Learning Center:

The Teaching and Learning Center serves the university by providing information, resources, and support for faculty and graduate teaching assistants, as well as resources to assist in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Center also facilitates the course Principles of College Teaching EDCI 943.  The Center is also the home to the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence, the New Faculty Institute, the Peer Review of Teaching Program, and Wakonse Fellows.