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Institutional Review Board

IRB Forms

Forms contain completion and submission instructions on the first page of the PDF document. 

Continuing Review: IRB proposals are approved for one year from the date of approval, pending a federally mandated 'continuing review.' Several months prior to the expiration date, the IRB will solicit information from you for 'continuing review' of the research. Based on the review, the IRB may approve the activity for another year. If continuing IRB approval is not granted or the IRB fails to perform the continuing review before the expiration date noted above, the project will expire and the activity involving human subjects must be terminated on that date. Consequently, it is critical that you are responsive to the IRB request for information for continuing review if you want your project to continue.


IRB-Application-Form-12-15-2017 (PDF)

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Other Forms

Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement (DOC)

Unanticipated or Adverse Event Form (DOC): In accordance with the signed assurance of the application, Principle Investigators must complete and submit this form to the URCO when Unanticipated or Adverse Events occur. In the case of a serious event, the Unanticipated or Adverse Events Form may follow a phone call or email contact with the URCO.

Class Project Form: This short form is only for use with class projects.

Oral History Project FormThis short form is only for use with oral history projects.

Sample Informed Consent Form: Follow the instructions on this sample form carefully to customize it to suit your own research protocol.

Informed Consent Checklist