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Institutional Review Board

IRB Application Forms

Continuing Review: IRB proposals are approved for one year from the date of approval, pending a federally mandated 'continuing review.' Several months prior to the expiration date, the IRB will solicit information from you for 'continuing review' of the research. Based on the review, the IRB may approve the activity for another year. If continuing IRB approval is not granted, or the IRB fails to perform the continuing review before the expiration date noted above, the project will expire and the activity involving human subjects must be terminated on that date. Consequently, it is critical that you are responsive to the IRB request for information for continuing review if you want your project to continue.

NOTE: Training requirements have changed as of 7/14/15. Click on the Training tab for detailed instructions.


The IRB application form has been recently updated to a fillable pdf format. Contact URCO at 2-3224 for assistance with the new format if needed.

IRB Application

Effective February 1st, 2016, the University Research Compliance Office (URCO) is moving to electronic submission of all IRB applications.

    • After completely filling out the PDF or Word Document (below), please submit an electronic copy to comply@k-state.edu.
    • Before final approval, we also need a signed copy of the assurance page (last page in the application). This can be an electronic signature within the application or a scanned version of the assurance page.
    • All other steps in the review and approval process will remain unchanged.

Please note:
  •  Review instructions on first page of PDF form before submitting
  •  Electronic submission - submit forms to comply@k-state.edu
  •  All PDF forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 (or later)

IRB-Application-10-17-2016 (PDF)

Download Assistance (help with 'Please Wait' messages)

Other Forms

Unaffiliated Investigator Agreementword document

Unanticipated or Adverse Event Formword document
(In accordance with the signed assurance of the application, Principle Investigators must complete and submit this form to the URCO when Unanticipated or Adverse Events occur. In the case of a serious event, the Unanticipated or Adverse Events Form may follow a phone call or email contact with the URCO.)

Class Project Formword document
(Short Form only for class projects)

Oral History Project Formword document
(Short Form for Oral History Projects only)

Sample Informed Consent Formword document
(Sample form. Follow directions carefully, you will need to customize the form to suit your own research protocol).

Informed Consent Checklistword document