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Institutional Review Board


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is committed to providing a comprehensive and compliant Research with Human Subjects program for researchers, students, and potential human subjects. At Kansas State University the Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects serves as the IRB and is mandated by federal laws and regulations for oversight of all activities involving research with human subjects.

Important Announcements:

Mandatory Online Training Updated 7/14/15

URCO Online modules and Video Training Vignettes (VTVs) have been replaced with training provided through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative program (CITI). Click on the Training tab for instructions on how to register for CITI and complete the training.

IMPORTANT: Current training will be honored for 3 years from your last completion date.

Contact Maggie Behnke: 2-3233, msbehnke@ksu.edu with any questions about the new training.

IRB Electronic Application Submission

Effective February 1st, 2016, the University Research Compliance Office (URCO) is moving to electronic submission of all IRB applications.

  • After completely filling out the PDF or Word Document found on the URCO webpage, please submit an electronic copy to comply@ksu.edu.
  • Before final approval, we also need a signed copy of the assurance page (last page in the application). This can be an electronic signature within the application or a scanned version of the assurance page.
  • All other steps in the review and approval process will remain unchanged.